BloomingStar Grading System (B G S) is the most innovative and full-proof Diamond Grading System invented and developed by BloomingStar. In this grading system, every diamond is rigorously sorted to its appropriate characteristics in order to derive the rational price of stone.


Normally, the diamonds are sorted as per 4C's i.e. Cut, Color, Carat [Weight] and Clarity but we realized the insufficiency in these basic factors to derive the rational pricing.


Every grading and certifying lab has its own standards and specifications, for example, all SI1's or SI2's from different labs are different. Obviously, when it comes to pricing, a stone of particular attribute is priced differently as per the standards of that laboratory. In fact, we found over years, that to narrow down the price difference and ensure rational pricing, further subdivision of cut, clarity and color grades was essential. Moreover, the complete evaluation of a diamond requires the rating of other important attributes like its Symmetry, Fluorescence, Black Inclusion etc. This is what we have done by developing BGS which is why BGS has received amazing market acceptance the world over.


Moreover, in Diamond grading, the most challenging part is to maintain consistency. To achieve this, our sorters are made available standard master stones to compare different colors, clarity grades, fluorescence grades, luster grades etc. We have an extensive continuous training programme to upgrade the skills and judgment of our sorters. Further to maximize their performance, we have a productivity linked incentive system.


An ultimate aim to undergo the most detailed grading is to enable our clients at remote locations to visualize the diamonds and order them without personal inspection, all this at a reasonable price. This saves their time, energy and money. In other words, BGS has made it possible to order online with each and every detail of the stone he wants. It is our endeavor to promote business through e-Commerce which is so vital in today's business world.

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